General Rules

  • Accuracy: Our posts should be accurate and honest. Do not mislead or misinform audiences with unclear or inaccurate posts to social media. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Confidentiality: Do not post confidential or private information on social media. Follow FERPA and HIPAA policies. Discuss with a supervisor any questions that arise about what should be kept private and confidential.
  • Spirit and Pride: The UT Austin brand is more than a logo, a tagline or a website. It’s also about personal experience and interactions. Our brand is a combination of what people see, feel, hear and think about the university. Every time we interact with our audiences, we influencing people’s perceptions of the UT Austin brand. Our communications should be consistent and unified, and our use of social media should reflect the spirit and pride of Longhorn nation.
  • Respect: Always show respect. Social media channels give users new avenues to express negative feedback. We should use social media to politely and respectfully address negative feedback from a customer-service perspective. Don’t publish content containing slurs, personal insults or attacks, profanity or obscenity, and don’t engage in any conduct on social media that would not be acceptable in UT Austin workplaces or classrooms. When maintaining or contributing to university-managed social media properties, we should follow the same standards of nondiscrimination and social conduct as outlined by Equal Opportunity Services at the university.
  • Attribution: Give appropriate credit to assets shared on social media, secure the necessary rights before sharing content on social media, and follow copyright and fair use laws to the letter.

For Social Media Managers

Visit our guidelines for social media managers.

For Faculty and Staff

Visit our guidelines for faculty and staff members.

Branding Guidelines

The university’s brand guide helps our colleges, schools, departments and programs produce materials that are consistent and immediately recognizable at The University of Texas at Austin. We encourage you to use this brand guideline as you develop communications and materials for your unit and as you produce content for social media.

Official Hashtags

#UTAustin: Use “#UTAustin” when talking about the university on social media.

#UTTower: Use “#UTTower” when posting about the definitive landmark of the University, our Tower.

#WhatStartsHere: What Starts Here Changes the World, and posts with this hashtag should showcase how Longhorns are benefiting society through research, public service and education.

#HookEm: Hook ’Em, Horns! Use this hashtag when sharing posts with spirit and UT Austin pride or athletic events and news.

Report Abuse

If you discover inappropriate behavior on a University of Texas at Austin-managed social media property, contact University Communications at All University of Texas at Austin social media sites should be monitored (and moderated, where appropriate) to ensure the community is following the unit-developed site and comments guidelines. If you discover threatening, dangerous or otherwise problematic social media posts, immediately call 911, contact UTPD and notify the appropriate authorities.