The University’s voice is audacious, yet warm and inviting. Our tone is intellectual but unpretentious. The following words should inform the tone and examples you select when creating content to promote the University. They are the distillation of our brand essence and differentiate us from competitors.


Showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

  • We are the flagship university of Texas.
  • We create ambitious leaders.
  • Our physical size is matched by our goals and achievements.


The inability to rest or relax.

  • We’re never satisfied with the status quo.
  • We declare war on mediocrity.
  • We have a sense of urgency and are curious.


Having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one’s job or role.

  • We have a spirit of public service.
  • We assume leadership.
  • We feel responsible to solve problems for Texas and the world.


Kind and pleasant.

  • We rose from state of Texas roots.
  • We are warm and inviting.
  • We would give the shirts off our backs to those in need.

A wink and a smile

A way of getting someone to notice you.

  • We have the confidence to put ourselves out there.
  • We showcase our flair and creativity.
  • We are intrigued by people.