Longhorn Silhouette

Athletics Bevo Silhouette

The Office of Trademark Licensing must grant prior written approval for all uses of the Longhorn Silhouette. It may be used by The University of Texas at Austin colleges, schools, units and sponsored student organizations and for licensed merchandise designed for pre-approved events of non-sponsored student groups. The silhouette must be used in the following manner:

  • Do not integrate the Longhorn Silhouette with other designs, words or marks or use it to replace a letter or part of one. Designs/logos that utilize the shape or outline of the silhouette or superimpose other words or elements on top of the silhouette are not acceptable.
  • The Longhorn Silhouette should always be secondary to the college, school, unit (CSU) or student group logo/words.
    • As the secondary mark, the Longhorn Silhouette must be smaller than the primary logo on the merchandise.
    • The Longhorn Silhouette may not be the focus of the product. Its placement must be in a less prominent location than the primary logo or message.
  • The merchandise must include a specific reference to a school, event, class or year.
  • The merchandise artwork must not compete with items sold at retail outlets. A committee of brand, creative and trademarks representatives will review designs to ensure they are not competitive with licensed retail merchandise.


Illustrated one color 3-D Tower
Illustrated Simple Tower
Illustrated Tower
Illustrated Gradient Tower

The Tower is a well-known symbol of the University and represents our academic excellence; present its image tastefully and respectfully. Depict the Tower in its pure form.

  • Do not substantially alter it or depict it in ways it is not used.
  • Do not use as an element in a logo or lockup.
  • Do not re-create the Tower artwork.
  • Do not superimpose text on or across the Tower artwork.
  • Tower art must have adequate clear space around the Tower.
  • Tower artwork may only be used by campus entities.

Any designs using the Tower must have prior written approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing.


The University of Texas at Austin seal is an important element in our visual identity. Its use is reserved for official communications from the Office of the President as well as business cards and stationery for all colleges, schools and units and official University documents, certificates, awards and plaques. The seal may not be used on any other materials, banners and signs, etc. without prior written approval from the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing.

The seal should always appear in burnt orange (Pantone 159), with the exception of an all-black version and an all-white version for reverses on dark backgrounds. The full-color version of the seal is permitted for use by The University of Texas System.

Written requests for use of the seal should be sent to the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing and should answer the following questions.

  • Who is requesting use of the seal?
  • What is the purpose of the use of the seal?
  • When will the seal be used?
  • Why is the seal being requested for a use outside officially approved uses?
  • Where will the seal be used?

Any other information that would be helpful for the approval process.