University Mood Photography Examples

Our campus has a personality, too, with rolling hills, massive live oaks, stately malls, and architectural gems ranging from the classical Battle Hall to art deco masterpieces like the Texas Memorial Museum. Showcasing our scenic campus reinforces our brand and reminds people of the institution’s grandeur and the interesting people who populate it. Photos should be light and airy to give a sense of opportunity and excitement. And as always, remember audacity, not just in what we show but in how we show it. Strive for creativity, not the path of least resistance.

Examples of Portrait Photography


Portraits showcase the personality of both the individual and the University. We’ve provided a diverse selection of students, staff, faculty and alumni for you to use. Note how their postures and expressions exude both confidence and warmth — audacity! Browse the entire library of portraits here.

Taking Your Own Photographs

Photography, while sometimes expensive, can dramatically increase your communication’s effectiveness. It also is a key component of the Texas look and feel. For individual colleges, schools and units that would like to shoot their own photography, we recommend that they adhere to the look and feel of the University’s photographic style.

For a list of recommended photographers, contact us at

Hire the best photographer you can afford. Follow the look and feel of Texas’ existing photography. Seek active and unexpected shots. Control the photographic color palette to achieve a bright, airy and modern feel.

Talent Release Form

Be sure to have subjects complete and sign a Talent Release Form. This form should be retained on file by the department that will use the images.

For additional questions about model releases policies contact the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs.