Domain Names

The University of Texas at Austin will provide subdomains for official university colleges, schools and departments (e.g.,; activities and events (e.g.,; and university-wide services (e.g.,, provided they meet the guidelines outlined below and are approved by the University Communications Standards Committee (UCSC).

The UCSC oversees all domains within the namespace in order to ensure consistency and provide central oversight. These domains are administered by the UT Network Information Center (UTNIC) of Information Technology Services.

Domain Guidelines

Name System Policy (PDF)
Domain Naming Standard (PDF)

The Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs has directed that names are not assigned outside university organizational boundaries.

Requests for third-level domains should clearly identify the requesting entity, avoiding the use of generic terms that could apply to multiple campus entities or services (i.e., a request for would be rejected, as UT Austin includes Moody College of Communication, the Department of Communication Studies and the University Communications department).

Acronyms are strongly discouraged and will almost always be rejected by the UCSC. Exceptions may be granted on rare occasions when the requesting party can document an industry standard or common usage within their field.

Domain Name Request Process

  1. Review the domain name guidelines.
  2. Submit your domain name request by emailing In the subject line of your message please include 'Domain Name
    Request' followed by the domain being requested. Also, please include a brief explanation for your request and whether or not this is replacing a current domain.
  3. You'll receive an email from UTNIC, indicating that the request is being reviewed by the University Communications Standards Committee (UCSC). 
  4. You'll receive a follow-up email from UTNIC, communicating the determination of the UCSC.
    1. If your request is approved, UTNIC will create the domain. There are no default records/hostnames associated with the domain, nor does this approval process include any web hosting services. Once the domain is created and ready for records, the ticket will be closed.
    2. If your request is denied, the UCSC will provide a rationale and alternative suggestions. If those suggestions do not suit your needs, you may submit a new request.

If you have any questions about the domain name request process, you may contact the University Communications Standards Committee directly at